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Sound Design

Left 4 Dead 2 Redesign

Here is an A/B example of my ability for sound design highlighting my understanding of frame by frame sync and procuring realistic soundscapes and textures. I extracted the original dialogue (for demo purposes) and started with a blank canvas designing sounds according to visuals. I recorded foley elements in my studio and my chainsaw outside to full effect! (No wives or children were harmed during this recording!) I used a hard hitting track with perfect lyrical content to give the trailer its drive and energy.

Music: Hysteria - Muse

Video: L4D - Valve

Music: Original

Video: L4D - Valve

Composition & Re-Record Mix

Roundabout - David Stock Films

Here I was tasked with the sound mix, music procurement & composition for this short. This again demonstrates my attention to detail in terms of lip sync, choosing the correct atmospheres in music terms and the dynamics of the overall sound mix.

Composition & Sound Design

Chains - Clearhead / Frazzled Films

This short required a mix, some composition and sound design. I added street noise, human movement, youth club atmosphere, prison atmosphere and memory atmospheres according to the directors specification. I then procured CC0 licensed music, composed additional music and mixed the sound within clearhead guidelines.

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