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A Passion For Sound

I guess I first started exploring sound at around 15 years old having fallen in love with the emotion that encapsulates sounds from artists like Depeche Mode and New Order amongst others.
In awe of the crafted layers that create such an original sound, I turned my Amiga500 into a musicX workstation and never looked back.

I have since helped to create numerous commercially available albums but never with a commercial thought in mind...this is something I truly love and always will.
From the early 00's I was already working in the events sector as a sound engineer, freelancing from 2004 working with artists like Pixie Lott, Elbow, Scouting for Girls and up until 2011 I was self taught. In 2009 however, I lost my daughter to cancer and spent the next few years rebuilding life.
As part of that process I decided to verify my skillset and enrolled at Manchesters School of Sound Recording, studying for 2 years while continually growing my portfolio and connections in both music and film.
I graduated in 2011 with a distinction grade and a glowing post-production module assessment (see below)
As both sound engineer & huge film fan, I am drawn to the soundtrack from the first note I hear. To me, it doesn't matter if its a single chilling piano note or a complex battle scene, I imagine myself in that space. A great soundtrack allows you to do just that. Sound without film is something but a film without sound.....

Hopefully you find both passion and dedication in my work and thanks for taking the time to be part of the adventure!

Kev x

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